The crime of libel and slander through the phone and other electronic crimes

Misuse of means of communication such as: – text messages, WhatsApp and other programs, and other cybercrime

The Kuwaiti legislator has criminalized the use of various communication devices to abuse by insulting and slandering individuals and arranging penalties for such acts and imposing penalties for people who use different means of communication, including (text messages or WhatsApp) or any other program to publish phrases that constitute abuse of people who directed him or him, and made her sentence imprisonment for not more than two years and a fine, in addition to

The right of the complainant or victim to claim moral damages as a result of the abuse he received from each person who issued these statements, which constitutes the moral harm to the victim.


In my opinion, these texts effectively address the misuse of phones by people, which should be an effective means of benefit and not a tool for committing crimes and abusing people.

Law No. 37 / 2014 on the establishment of the Tra of communications and information technology Article 70b – anyone who by any means of communication, to send threatening or insulting messages …. He is punishable by up to two years in prison and a fine of not more than 5,000 dinars.

Article 227 of the Civil Code states: "1. Anyone who has done the wrong thing is obliged to compensate him, whether he is in direct or causative harm."

It is a misdemeanour and is specialized in investigating the General Administration of Investigations, and it is punishable by imprisonment not more than 3 years and a fine as long as those phrases were sent to the same person by private conversation through WhatsApp or private messages in Twitter or other programs, but if those terms are sent by Twitter in the form of tweets or in a place where more than one person can be viewed, it is a felony and the specialty of the investigation is for the prosecution of cybercrime

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