Report: Tourism in Georgia-Tbilisi

Tourism in Georgia

When I heard about this state through social media and travel lovers on YouTube. I started looking for it in order to visit it a year ago but I found nothing to attract me, although I started digging the Arab and social travel forums but 90% of those who visited them are not advising… Because it is a modern country in tourism services.

Until I received a suggestion from some foreign friends who work outside of Kuwait… By visiting this country and discovering it, I found it an opportunity to visit a new country I had never visited. The journey was from


Visiting plans and trips were discussed with my friends. But I found them not to like to abide by a certain schedule, and contrary to what I love my goal is to discover the country from all sides in the shortest possible time.

So I preferred to go alone with a special driver who got his number from a social media site.



+ 995557137715

I was contacted and put me a schedule for 3 days with a delivery to and from the airport worth $200. He has to pass the hotel at 9 am and return to the hotel at 6 pm for 4 days. After asking my friends about the prices of the guides and the special legs, tell me the prices. Which made me negotiate with him at the price. So we agreed on the following table:

Day 1: Sabaduri Snowy Forest and Tbilisi, Cabel car, waterfall, Funiculior, sightseeing 23 of Feb

Day 2: Jinvali Lake,, Ananuri Casel, Gudauri Resort, snow board, Cabel car, Gudauri panorama.24 of February 

Day 3: Mtskheta around Old Capital.jvari monastery., Uplistsikhe-gori cave town.25 of February 

, Value: $160.

The people embrace the radical Christian religion…. The number of Christians is approximately 90-95%. It is the first religion in Georgia. Churches in every 30 meters there is a church. The country is also famous in the wine industry and is a very vintage type of grape which is a type of liquor. So I don’t recommend getting out of the hotel after 22:00.

Exchange of the country of the lari.. It is advisable to transfer to the dollar in your country, and when Tbilisi airport arrives, the dollar is converted to lari.

The people are good and peaceful looking for a decent living it is a 100% safe country, but still, caution and precaution must be taken.

The guide speaks humble English. Which would do the trick. I never felt alone… Along the way, we shared the parties to the Georgian culture and to know their customs and traditions.

I would not recommend driving or renting a car because the two captains of vehicles are reckless on the way.

The food is beautiful and relatively tasty.

The whole trip without the tickets cost me 200 dinars including the hotel, restaurants, excursions and sightseeing tickets. And I have overflowed and praise be to Allah alone. As for the friends of the trip, I just had dinner and the parties exchanged the evening in the cafes for the smell of fine coffee throughout the old City only. This is because we are not of one nationality or ethnicity, and we do not share interest and preferences. So I bought it and went to Bali by myself, thank God I succeeded.

Result: I would recommend a visit for a period not exceeding 6 days and preferably with friends the country is kind of boring on your own.

And now I leave you with the pictures:

Peace Bridge
Sabaduri Snowy Forest and Tbilisi
Murjan Shuili Street-upscale and beautiful street
Khashchaburi-pastry dough with Georgian cheese which is a famous Georgian dish
Gudauri Mountain
Mother of Georgia
Mtskheta around Old capital.. Maskheita-The confluence of the two rivers and observing not mixing them!
Uplistsikhe-gori Cave Town
Gudauri Panorama
Uplistsikhe-gori Cave Town
Uplistsikhe-gori Cave Town
Jinvali Lake
Sabaduri Snowy Forest and Tbilisi
Principles of freedom

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