Video: Smart documentary shows how tourists are being swindling in #اسطنبول #تركيا.. Especially in #تقسيم and #الاستقلال Street

Some of the methods of stealing that I saw and faced and I saw it on the Internet


1. Shall come man speaks Arabic (Turks of whom speak Arabic and vice versa)
He says:-Come here we have Jalabyat Bjayem is in the second floor and there are some of them that are hanging from the street to see camouflage
If you refuse he will try to lure you into giving you the shop card The goal of this movement is to get you up and lock the door
Do you need people to get all to you
From the money look at the many sections of those who have the same people on YouTube especially celebrities.

2. Shall come man and he is doing well and he can meet you to invite you because of your closest restaurant to their den and closest ring to the mantel.

3-You need one to speak English and the other Turk suddenly from the right and from the north of Hatta distract you and he will get you lightly and go.

4-speeding car holds brakes and stops like it will shock a decent woman and you come to get away and an Indian movie
And you have no privacy
And if he doesnt go back and do it he is angry and messed up and the Indian movie goes this and you are stolen

4. A large number of gangs are swooping over you and asking for the jacket to threaten in a public place in a daring and aggressive manner.

5-shall come one says I appreciate your coming to the area by Metro in the Metro near here!?!?!?!
To get you to the people! And steal you by force and threat.

6-hotels are scary stealing from the hotel and return the money.
But who God has mercy from these hotels of course

7-The taxi is dedicated to give him 100 pounds lightly to say you gave me 10 lira for a wife telling you a slotted gift
And the Times it boils in the delivery price and let you see the meter in a dedicated way if you agreed with him early
He will try to admit that he is earning an exaggerated amount And they are the most taxi unfortunately

8-at the tourist places and at the back entrance specifically to the palace of brick Kaabi shall come one says the spirit of the Hagia Sophia before closing
You see it lock in an hour you say no need to tell you I have a cheap carpet shop come on, Eric.
And from it go to Hagia Sophia and this is all for stealing and cheating

9. Shops when you give him the money at the time of purchase.
Hatta YZERVK and if you are Gulf he will give you a good price for a commodity I mean exploitation and deception unfortunately

10-shall come one say you are from Saudi Arabia appreciates you show me Saudi currency and he yorek that he is Iranian or he opens his wallet in front of you
and show you money so that you see a dollar and he doesnt need a job to collect
And it is a big coin from you gulf to collect it And it is your wish to use His Majesty to steal and steal you with dedication

11-To clean the shoes unfortunately the brush collapses and you are behind it to say take your brush
And the way of the unexpected robbery starts to steal you or to circumvent you and to get home unfortunately

12-shoulder bag means you are going to be robbed in a big way, especially women. from where to learn.

13-Ygonk Young people speak Saudi and they say we lost the wallet…. We need a sum
and capacity is enough…. Be careful this is easy one few go to the embassy and they are there biatonh amount out in it himself.


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