Anxiety treatment. In the Qur’an

The son of the values says, may God rest his soul, in explaining the status of "tranquillity" from the houses of those who are passed to Allah:

"This status is one of the houses of talent, not of the houses of gain, and Allah has mentioned nirvana in his book in six places:

The first is his saying: "They have a saying that they have a sin of your lord."/

The second is his saying: "Then i will bring down God who will be able to follow him on his will and the well-being of the two who are entrusted" repentance.26

The third is his saying: "If he says to his people, you will not be able to give up on God with us. God will be able to give him his hands and support him with a son who has not seen her repentance/40.

4: He said: "It is the one who brings down the population in the hearts of the two who may not be able to do so.

The fifth is his saying: "May God be blessed with the promise of the people who have been born. In their hearts, they are brought down by the population on their own and their students open up soon ( Conquest/18).

The sixth: The saying: "If the two people have been given the mercy of their father-in-laws, the fever of the community. God's will be his son and the two of them( conquest/26).

The Sheikh of Islam was ibn Taymiyyah, may God rest his soul, if things get worse for him:

He read the verses of tranquillity. I heard him say in a great incident that took place in his illness that minds are unable to carry, from fighting demonic spirits that appeared to him then in case of weak force, he said: When i got stronger, I said to my relatives and those around me: Read the verses of tranquillity, then take off from me, and I sat down and what was in me.

The origin of nirvana is the peace, dignity and stillness that God brings down in the heart of his slave when he is disturbed by the severity of fears, so he is not bothered afterwards for what he responds to, and he must increase faith, the strength of certainty, and fortitude, and for this reason he told Almighty about taking it down on his Messenger and on believers in places of anxiety and turmoil such as the day of immigration, because He and his companion in the laurel, and the enemy above their heads, if someone looked under their feet to see them, and as a nostalgic day when they were plotted by the severity of the infidels, none of them would be twisted on anyone, and the day of the hadibism when their hearts were disturbed by the control of the kuffaar on them, and their entry under their conditions that are not borne by the souls, and according to you twice the age Allaah may have accepted him from carrying her, which is an age, until Allaah fixed it by friendship.

In the two correct sins of The Baraa, the son of Abeez, may God bless them, he said: I saw the Prophet being transported from the soil of the trench until I saw the dirt lashes of his belly, and he was comforted by the word of Abdullah bin Rhuah, may God rest his soul:

God, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been guided… And don't believe us or pray

They put a knife on us… And fix the feet if he finds us

The robot has been sent to us… And if they want to charm our father.

Whoever reads the verses of tranquillity in situations of fear and panic, or in situations of suspicion and strife, or when the devil's obsession is intensified, he reads it, please prove his heart with what the hearts of the believers have proved, there is nothing wrong with him, and he hopes to have it, as was the Sheikh of Islam Ibn Taymiyyah and his disciple Ibn Taymiyyah and his disciple. Values, but it is not necessary to attribute the need to read these verses in this way to the Shariah, and it is not taken by a worship similar to the worship of remembrance and supplications fixed in the Book and sunnah.

And God knows.


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