Burma.. and Muslims… What are they!!!? by Dr. Omar Abdulkafi

Case of Burma

: Dr. Omar Abed الكافي
It’s okay to give 90 seconds of your time to know what the problem of Burma and the Muslims are.

: The story in short

 There was an independent state called Arakan with three million Muslims.

Islam began to spread in a neighboring country called Burma with a predominantly Buddhist

In 1784, two hundred and thirty years ago, the hatred of the Buddhists against the Muslims in Arakan, they fought it and killed the Muslims in it and did them the most

They brought Arakan to Burma, changed her name to Mai Nammar and became part of Burma. After being in an independent state, Muslims became a minority (three or four million) and a Buddhist majority of 50 million,

The fact that Muslims are independent villages where they live and trade in them are associations that guarantee their invitations and mosques

These Burmese Buddhists are attacking Muslim villages to get them out of their homes.

Not long ago, a horrific massacre took place, with a group of fierce Buddhists intercepted a bus carrying 10 preachers from the Qur’an keepers who were roaming the Muslim villages, memorizing the Qur’an, calling them to God and teaching them about their religion.
This wretched group objected to the bus of preachers, took them out and beat them severely, then made them mess with knives, then they took the tongue of one of them and removed it from a cycle of jealousy or compassion, all only because of their latent hatred because they were praying to God and teaching people the religion and the Qur’an. 

They then stabbed the preachers with knives and cut their hands and legs until they died one after الاخر.

The Muslims revolted in defence of their da’is and the imams of their mosques and preachers.

The Buddhists accepted them, and they burned the village after another until the number of burnt houses reached 2600, in which the deceased fled, the villages of 90,000 were displaced by sea and land, and the slaughter and killing of Muslims continues,

Their girls, daughters and wives were raped to the point of death, all in sight of their parents, under the السكاكين blades.

Then why did we lose our jealousy..?!

We all ask himself what do I do for them..?

Your duty towards them is now two things:* * *
First: to call them..

Second: To spread their case so that people know it, and this is the weakest faith.

If you read. Do whatever your faith is.
God is the best agent for us.


Finally… News… As usual, the courage of the Erdogan government. Turkey defending Muslims

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