Ray, one of the courts: in the case of the denial of descent in Kuwait

Legal descent

The lineage is established by bed, acknowledgment and evidence, which is meant by bed dissonance between a man and a woman at the beginning of the child's pregnancy, and this is done by the right marriage, without the need for a declaration or evidence, because he said ,peace be upon him to the boy for bed and the stone, and the reason for proving the lineage in bed is that a contract Marriage makes a woman competent to have her husband alone and the original thing is to make people feel good, and when it is possible to get the wife from her husband to be an adult or a teenager with the possibility of a meeting between the spouses, and the scholars of the Jaafari doctrine stipulate real entry, and the wife must give birth for at least six months from the date of entry. This period is the lowest period of pregnancy by consensus of the scholars in all the Shi'a sects, which is the lowest period of pregnancy for 30 months. In the famous one, as the owner of the jeweler said, it was nine months, some said it was 10 months, and Imam Jaafar said it was a whole year, and they agreed that it was no more than a year. The appealed judgement had upheld the appealed judgement on a bond, which he cited for his reasons, which included that the appellant had divorced the first stabber against her on 15 October 1983 and acknowledged his divorce document to her as the holder of the second appeal against her, born on 20 April 1984. He reported her birth as his daughter and gave up her custody and then filed a subsequent claim to join him for her mother's marriage to another. And then the obituary is unfounded.

(Appeal 450/2005 Personal Status Session 3/12/2006)




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